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“Students as university’s knowledge ambassadors? Introduction to the CHEPS OPENUNI project”

Author: Matt Bucholski

Today’s universities frequently engage in research in cooperation with societal stakeholders and industries. No longer are they ivory towers on the landscape of knowledge production, universities increasingly strive for societal relevance and valorisation of research. This holds especially true within the Dutch higher education system, where initiatives such as the Dutch National Research Agenda (Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda, http://www.wetenschapsagenda.nl) aim to provide scientists with topics and questions that different publics deem research-worthy. Read More…


The launch of the CHEPS working paper series

Author: Paul Benneworth

Logo cheps4At our annual Away Day last year, we as a CHEPS team decided to prioritise increasing our visibility to the outside world in 2015. Such good commitments are easy to make away from the hubbub of academic daily life. The art of making good on these resolutions lies in finding sustainable ways to make these aspirations a routine part of your business practice.

A research centre like CHEPS faces continual pressures of time to satisfy clients, deliver excellent teaching and disseminate research findings. Any kind of public facing activity has to be both reasonably low maintenance as well as add value to existing activities.

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