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University governance in Japan: Reluctant reformers or dedicated followers of fashion?

Author: Don Westerheijden

Christensen (2011) maintained that ‘Japan joined the countries implementing a NPM-like university reform rather late, reflecting its status as a “reluctant reformer”.’ Indeed, the major change to university governance came only in 2004, when NPM had been around in higher education since a quarter of a century. Was Japan then just a dedicated follower Read More…


To merge or not to merge?

Author: Prof. Liudvika Leisyte


To merge or not to merge? This is the question… And this question is not only put forward by the governments in European higher education (as these are the HE systems which are strongly steered by the states), but increasingly by the university managers. The issue of strategic positioning in the face of global competition has brought forward the ‘big’ players to scratch their heads, looking for innovative solutions when it comes to structural and other types of alliances, and in extreme cases– mergers of HE institutions. Read More…