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“Students as university’s knowledge ambassadors? Introduction to the CHEPS OPENUNI project”

Author: Matt Bucholski

Today’s universities frequently engage in research in cooperation with societal stakeholders and industries. No longer are they ivory towers on the landscape of knowledge production, universities increasingly strive for societal relevance and valorisation of research. This holds especially true within the Dutch higher education system, where initiatives such as the Dutch National Research Agenda (Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda, http://www.wetenschapsagenda.nl) aim to provide scientists with topics and questions that different publics deem research-worthy. Read More…


How can universities create future innovators?

Author: Nadine Zeeman

Current measures that aim to capture the contribution of universities to innovation capacity usually focus on the HEI research activities.  But there is a growing recognition that this only tells part of the story, and in particular we are losing sight of the ways in which students human capital also contribute to innovation capacity.

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