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Integration of refugees in higher education in Europe

Author: Ola Mostafa

Shedding the light on the refugee crisis is an intriguing aspect that many European institutions are taking into consideration recently. After the huge influx of refugees in Europe in 2015, many international and national organizations have taken the initiative to be involved actively in helping refugees better integrating in the new host country. Although many attempts have been sought to accelerate the chances of integration refugees, little has been done to consider how important it is to provide education to those who were forced to drop out due to war situation. The role of higher education is crucial in embracing the refugee crisis. Read More…


22 March 2016: Brussels attacks call for integration through education

Author: Hans Vossensteyn

Tuesday 22 March 2016, Motel One in the centre of Brussels, Rue Royale, 2 km from metro station Maelbeek. I get up at 07:00 and open my laptop to prepare for a project meeting with DG Education and Culture of the European Commission at 11:00 on the Relevance of Higher Education for Society. At 8:00 I look out of my window. The armed soldiers arrive to guard one of the EU buildings behind the hotel, business as usual.  Read More…